About us

ItalyOn  was born from the passion of a group of friends for the  Italian food and wine culture. Our constant desire to try ourself in various fields, gave birth to a constantly evolving project, which aims to highlight the quality and beauty of Italy through our eyes.

We feed us with the best experiences and turn them into life stories. Lovers of beauty and  goodness, we have created ItalyOn to cuddle our idea of ​​emotional culture, where, before a plate of pasta or a glass of wine it counts everything that revolves around it.


Doing and Giving experiences

Pasta, pizza, ice cream and grape harvests. Italy is this but also much more. It's more of a good and healthy food, it is more of a refined taste that inspires the palate. All around Italy's culture , is an excellence that  brings to the world a quality that knows no boundaries. 
ItalyOn  is pure italian lifestyle, the undisputed concept of giving and gaining experience. In our project, the north, south and islands of Italy are sitting at the same table to savor together the best traditional Italian food. 

Because a wine is not just a simple product to sell, but it is the expression of a culture, which tells of a harvest and dirty hands, outdoor dining and berries eaten on the fly.With all its bubbles, the wine made in Italy brings into the world history, traditions, true experiences.
From this our awareness  ItalyOn was born, a project that wants to educate to the quality and Italian beauty, which becomes excellence when it comes into contact with food, fine wine, tourist experience.


ItalyOn was created initially for the Food & Wine sector but it is constantly evolving to share and make the world discover all the traditional specialties of the Made in Italy, offering the  uniqueness   of our country .


ItalyOn was born for the great desire to share our passions, tying the cultural roots of our land and bring them over Italy so as to discover  lands and stories,stories full of life .
This project, is first of all emotion, it is the feeling that enriches the tourist and turned him back home with a priceless gift, which collects personal stories and emotions.
Because we in Italy are not what we eat. We are what we tell with our experiences.
And we are ready to toast with you all.



Achille Nava

Roberto Di Leo