Falling in love with Valpolicella!

Every corner at Italy is full of fascinating history, culture, beauty and excellence. I could say that, I'm truly falling in love with ITALY!  As a food and wine and nature lover, I have definite reason to discover everything wonderful in this treasurable country, with curious mind and grateful heart! Let's to experience, to share and to love! 

valplicella landscape

You know, I'm from a big city. For me, it's always a great idea to stay a quiet place where you can breathe fresh air, with picturesque landscape around, trying to escape from the reality and to recharge me . I can't forget that day I was at there, Valpolicella! We were driving cross along the beautiful vineyards under the shining sun, immersing us into the green nature and uncontaminated scenery. It was so surprising me that, this region, Valpolicella, has already 2000 years history of winemaking culture!  The name "Valpolicella " could be one little evidence. The word "Valpolicella" is come from Ancient Greek and Latin, means "Valley of many cellars". It's located at Northern Italy, between the Garda lake, the largest lake in Italy, and Verona, the romantic town of Romeo and Juliet. One of the top Italian red wine, Amarone, exactly comes from there! 

Vigna della valpolicella

What could be better than discover Italian wines with yours eyes and your heart? It's really unforgettable to visit the places where how the grapes are turned into wine. At Valpolicella, you could learn the art of making Italian wines, by joining guided-tour at some local wineries . You could taste not only Amarone, but also other famous local wines such as Valpolicella Ripasso and Recioto.  You could enjoy a lunch break for tasting some typical Veronese dishes, under a relax atmosphere, to experience the Italian "slow-food" idea. Nothing will be more perfect if you have time to stay one night at a winery, to feel deeply the Italian hospitality. 

Couldn't wait to experience it ? Let's prepare and go, to fall in love with this wonderful territory ~ Valpolicella !