A wine tasting, a birthday? a wedding...a special something? Or simply the desire to party hard in a really good company? Many people are chasing Bersi Serlini to impress in their minds a special memory.

Bersi Serlini Domaine finds its origin in the MiddleAge; in the related Abbazia di San Pietro in Lamosa, the Cluny Monks built the originary construction of our wine cellar: a dependence with farming and wine producing purpose. Big walls, made with field stones, with amazing barrel, groined and ribbed vaults.

After 700 years of Cluny Monks, the property became private and in 1886 it was acquired by Bersi Serlini Family; it has been expanded in the second half of ‘900 from the grandpa, the Lawyer Piero Bersi Serlini and then restored under the visionary guide of the son Arturo. Arturo was the person who produced in 1970 the very first bottle of Brut in Franciacorta.

Today Franciacorta still is property of Bersi Serlini Family. Arturo is the President of the Maison and with the daughters Chiara and Maddalena Bersi Serlini, follows with passion the bubbles production and the winery communication and public image.



From here-on, the family Bersi Serlini likes to take their beloved guests in an enthusiastic journey, narrating Franciacorta wine: an extraordinary product, outcome of a unique land obtained with a strict method.

At Bersi Serlini you can find two underground cellars: one is for wine-making (vinificazione in italian) and the other is for grapes maturation.

You can find the wine-making cellar 12 meters under the ground; this one has been designed as a temple dedicated to our precious land, with living walls made in clay, slime and argil. This natural and incredibly suggestive room maintains intact the fundamental bond between grapevines and wine-making process.

It is equipped with inox steel tanks and durmast oak barriques for wine fermentation as our DOCG Franciacorta method wants.

The grapes maturation cellar, presents an extraordinary 1400 architecture with crisp ambients in earthenware tile enriched outstanding barreled and groined vaults. In this fascinating location cuveès are aged and they gain unique trades thanks to the long yeasts maturation.

Here the bottles, in full respect of our very strict disciplinary, remains for 18 months (for the brut wines) and at least 10 years for our best millesimati.




The curated interior design, to be intended as a celebration of the History of Italian and International Design, contributes in making the atmosphere fascinating, with the promise of memorable events.

Bersi Serlini owns even a multimedia room with 150 seats, numerous rooms among the vines and marvelous design salons: you’ll just have to choose.

A company brainstorming, a team building session, a company direr, or simply a meeting: for these and many other kinds of events Bersi Serlini in the right location for you.

Organize the perfect catering, or a reunion and speech in our multimedia room with 150 seats.
Request a custom vineyards pic-nic, or an italian aperitivo in our court.

Our well prepared professionists will support you and give you advices for any kind of request/need.



A birthday? A special something? Or simply the desire to party hard in a really good company? Many people are chasing Bersi Serlini to impress in their minds a special memory.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and contact us to organize your event! It’s several years we are collaborating with the best entertainers, florists, chefs, catering and much more. Whichever could inspire you, we will be able to find it for you.

Get an opinion from our well prepared event planners to realize a memorable party: each of your wishes will come true.



A marvelous green landscape, and the most splendid courtyard. A retrò plaid, a basket filled with precious delicatessen, crystal glasses and obviously… the right dose of Bersi Serlini bubbles.

These are the ingredients of one of our most exclusive services: the vineyard picnic. Contact us for further informations and to reserve yours.



Numerous couples from Italy and even from abroad are choosing Bersi Serlini for their special day. Organizing your wedding ceremony and afterparty here, means you’ll have the possibility to take advantage of our wonderful location and its amazing landscape in exclusive and furthermore you’ll collaborate with professionists of wedding planning and organization able to manage every detail of the huge event.

Our location, considering the variety of rooms and scapes, fits to every kind of event: from the most classical one to the most extravagant.

We use to collaborate with florists,assembly operators and high ranking catering and chefs, with our help you’ll be able to set up the most romantic of the weddings in the bink of an eye.


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