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On the charming foothills, overlooking Mandranova plain, Alessandro di Camporeale Estate was built, in this ancient and enchanting land where agriculture has long been a mainstay.

On the charming foothills, overlooking Mandranova plain, Alessandro di Camporeale Estate was built, in this ancient and enchanting land where agriculture has long been a mainstay.


The Alessandro family’s roots are very old, steeped in history. With three brothers’ commitment and energy, Rosolino, Antonino and Natale, supported by their children Anna, Benedetto and Benedetto, their production model is based in the vineyard and oenological innovation. They continue developing and improving their full-bodied wines, which are  so delicate, refined and well-balanced, born between rows of vines and the passion of those who work the land.

Alessandro di Camporeale Estate is a company in which each new generation rediscovers his own identity, sharing a production philosophy rooted in family history. The three Alessandro cousins are the company’s future, renewing and forging ahead with passion and promise. Anna, Head of Communications and Wine-tourism, Benedetto, the winemaker, who follows the entire production process, and Benedetto, the family company’s Marketing Manager.

These are the new human resources perpetuating the company, which has become a symbol of excellence in an area renowned for wine making.


Out a total of 50 hectares, 35 hectares of vineyards are spread out over an area that benefits from a mild, semidry climate, 400 meters above sea level. In addition, 2 hectares have been set aside for the production of olive oil. It is in this fertile clay and limestone-based soil that the Alessandro family has cultivated native grape varieties, such as Nero d’Avola, Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia and international ones like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Viogner and Sauvignon Blanc.

All work in the vineyard is done by hand, following organic farming principles and making use of small but important measures: roses, precious sentinels warning of fungus attacks; green manure, to promote soil fertility and protect it from erosion; and measures to support biodiversity, such as planting hedges and shrubs near the rows of vines to promote the establishment of many precious organisms which combat parasites.

Tradition, experience and a deep knowledge of the land and vineyards are the cardinal rules of Alessandro di Camporeale in safeguarding the values of the Company and in producing quality products.



Welcome to winery

tourWelcome visitors to the farm, you will be led in the vineyard such as in the cellar, just to discover where and how the Alessandro di Camporeale wines originate, these are one of the salient features of company's philosophy. Wine tourism has blossomed in response to the demands of the modern buyers, ever more fascinated by wine making, which is innovative, yet rooted in tradition. In this corner of authentic Sicilian hospitality, various initiatives have been launched which have led our guests to a world of wine making par excellence. One initiative follows another: guided tours, during which we explain growing techniques and production methods, various proposals for tasting and many events such as Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars), the italian Wine Tourism Movement event, set on May, September and November.
Each year, on August 10th, Alessandro’s family celebrates a work’s year turned to production of excellent wines, before the new harvest season; it’s the Kaid sotto le stelle (Kaid under the stars), under the celestial sky of San Lorenzo, music meets wine, food and art to create a magical, dream landscape which lights up our guests’ faces.


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