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Thanks to the sunny heat, the scent of the wind and our passion we can offer excellent wines which represent our contemporary style and the authenticity of the Sicilian land.

The origin of Feudi Imperiali is dated 1974, when grandfather Ignazio, nowadays 97 years old, planned to expand his lands devoted to the cultivation of the best local grape varieties of that time.
In the late 90’s Dario, Ignazio’s grandson, once completed his studies decided to support his grandfather activity by launching a plan of modernization of the productive system and focusing not only on the cultivation of local grape varieties but also on some new international ones and pointing to an enhancement of the final production quality level.
Dario is in charge of the reorganization of the productive system and besides this he takes care of the whole production chain, which starts from the grapes cultivation and get completed with the bottling process.

Feudi Imperiali Winehouse is located in the hearth of territory of Trapani Province: that is Segesta area, close to the Greek temple and to the amphitheatre of Segesta aged up to the Greek domination in Sicily.
The company extends over the territory of Salemi district where is located the property founds extending over a clay sole of 110Ha at an altitude of 350m sl grown almost entirely by vineyards and olive groves. Here we raise all our grapes variety, from the autochthonous grapes to the international grapes, with all our passion.

Each lands shows its own climatic and morphological characteristic getting more suitable to the cultivation of a specific grape variety rather another one.



Our current production includes a range of 8 different single variety table wine from indigenous grapes to international variety and an extra virgin olive oil:

•    ALCAMO DOC white catarratto
•    STUPOR MUNDI white grillo igp
•    NERO D’AVOLA red igp
•    NAJA’ red syrah igp
•    ROSE’ DEL RE igp                                                                                           
•    IMPERATOR Extra Dry
•    VILLA BELLA sweet sparkling wine
•    PASSITO OF SICILY zibibbo igp

Sicily is located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and enjoys of a great temperate microclimate thanks to its hot summers and mild winters. It’s a land where warm winds coming from the South of continental Africa get into the hinterland and encourage the growth of a flourishing Mediterranean maquis.

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