Rizzello Vini & Olio

The traditional wine and extravirgin olive oil of Salento

The will, the determination of Amedeo Rizzello, passed on his children to grandchildren, who now run the family business, transforms the passion for the land in the company. Thus was born in 1989 Rizzello Vini and Olio in the heart of Salento, south of Lecce, in the city of Spongano. Here, from the selection of  aromatic grapes of native vines, fine white wines and full bodied reds and character are produced, from olives, harvested and processed using traditional methods, quality extra virgin olive oil is produced, perfumed and very delicate.
The objective is to continue to improve the production of wine and oil, the  pride of the Rizzello company through the experience acquired in the area with its past work.
Producing a good oil like a good wine means transforming  quality fruits into products rich in personality and pleasantness; this is why the Rizzello Vini e Olio company is constantly evolving.



Salento, a land of warm and bright colors of a nature always ready to give its richness with generosity.
The Rizzello company is located in the heart of Salento, 40 km south of Lecce, in the city of Spongano.

Historically, the area has been inhabited for millennia by a substantially indigenous population, which has absorbed the influences of the various successive dominations, starting with the Normans in the twelfth century. , until the house of Baroni Bacile di Castiglione, the last feudal lords who lived in the nineteenth century.

In this era, the Rizzello family approaches the culture of oil and wine, beginning to produce small quantities, and transmitting the knowledge from father to son. The desire not to lose almost a hundred years of passion for their land, led the current Rizzello, to found the company in 1989.

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Our Wines

Making good wine means turning quality grapes into a product rich in personality and pleasure; This is why the Rizzello company is constantly expanding, finalizing its production to obtain wines of great value.

Among the red wines the company produces and offers: the Novello, Salento Leo and, of last creation, the Cirimannu. Campi San Vito is available in Rosso, Rosato and Bianco, all Salento IGT. Donna Teresa, to be served with appetizers, is a typical Apulian rosé, Salento IGT. Among the white wines the Chardonnay / Puglia IGT and the Amalè / Tarantino iGT, excellent as an aperitif.

Our Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the only quality produced by the company, has a very low acidity. The olives harvested for the production of the oil are treated and selected from the agricultural areas surrounding the company. A daily check on all the factors related to the choice of the raw material, the harvesting and production process, up to the conservation and the bottling. This is done using dark glass bottles that protect the oil from the light, preserving features ans quality.
The Rizzello Oil, classically distributed in bottles, cans or in comfortable ceramic anphora, can count on a new production, the Oil with Lemon. The lemons are collected mainly in the south-east of the province, around the areas of Spongano and Castro, and are processed within the next 12 hours, so as to give the oil its essential aromas that enhance the organoleptic qualities of the various dishes.

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