Tartufi e Funghi Fortunati Antonio

Truffles and mushrooms from 1980

At the beginning of the 80s Antonio Fortunati, driven by love for his territory, a place of old tradition for the collection of truffles and mushrooms, and the passion for the precious gifts of the earth, undertook the realization of a dream: to make people known the products of his Umbria.

Starting from his experience as a quarryman, Antonio, in the early years, began marketing truffles and mushrooms, fresh or frozen, gradually expanding within the Umbrian borders and beyond.
Endowed with great charismatic qualities and a knowledge of the products that have become impeccable with time, Antonio began his adventure together with his wife Emanuela (right-hand man of a lifetime) and many precious collaborators: friends and colleagues dedicated to truffle hunting, restaurateurs, partners commercial.

Currently the family follows the production of all the specialties preserved (truffle and not only) and with passion is always looking for new recipes to satisfy the palate of each consumer.
In every Tartufi and Funghi Fortunati Antonio brand product you can be sure of finding the quality and genuineness of the raw materials, carefully selected with dedication by Emanuela and all her staff. Each jar is produced by hand, and step by step is followed and scrupulously controlled.


lavorazione tartufo



Thanks to our own truffle grounds,  located in the heart of Umbria and a state-of-the-art laboratory, we can offer excellent fresh products and a exquisite production of preserved specialities (truffle-based and beyond).

There are just a few simple principles behind the company’s recognition and the fame acquired through the years:

- careful collection respecting the surroundings

- personal verification of the truffle quality

- direct commercialisation in Italy and abroad

- attainment of the certificate: “Company certified in biological production”.


tartufo nero
creme tartufo
tartufo bianco
tartufi barattoli

In our catalog  we can offer the following products:

- fresh, preserved and frozen truffles and mushrooms

- mushroom- and truffle-based specialities: sauces, creams, butter, olive and truffle creams, truffle oil and many more.

- the best pasta selections (tagliatelle, strozzapreti, strangozzi, pasta with truffles and with porcini mushrooms)

- legume soups with chickpeas, spelt, beans and lentils from the Umbrian hills.

- extra virgin Umbrian olive oil

- local and nationally-acclaimed wines (e.g.: the Sagrantino di Montefalco or the well-known Sassicaia)

- a selection of marmalades, jams and honeys (perfect in combination with cheese).

tartufo bianco tartufo nero