But where are now the people of Sassuolo who brew the nectar of the gods,

for there the brightest days above its villas roll, there heaven yields all its grace and balmy air?

That land of love and ardent glory sole, mother of that which charms us every where,

two hundred horse, a thousand foot were drawn, from pleasant town and flower empurpled lawn.

(A. Tassoni, The stolen bucket, III, 47. - a.D. 1622)                                 


Tenuta Vandelli was born in 2011 on the farm Vandelli bases that since 1960 about dealing with viticulture in the territory of San Michele of Mucchietti in the hills of the Province of Modena, a few chilomteri south of Sassuolo on the right bank of the river Secchia.
Thanks to the tenacity and passion for the vineyard and the experience acquired over the past fifty years by Valter Vandelli, that with the support of the family has decided to undertake this project which has as its objective the maintenance and enhancement of a great heritage quality, made up of about ten hectares of vineyards planted with grape varieties typical of the Modenese Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro, Salamino of Santa Croce, ancellotta, Malbo Gentile, Spergola and Pignoletto.
Family, territory and quality are the key points that inspire our work every day, and that result in reverential care and attention for the vineyard, pruning systems aimed at low yields, manual harvesting to gather the grapes, winemaking systems and all spumantizazione 'actuality of winemaking technology, treatment and research to packaging of our bottles.
Tenuta Vandelli, is rooted in a centuries-old history, involving the most noble past of Sassuolo and the area that once belonged to the noble Este family, Lords of Modena and Ferrara. A story where the adjective "rooted" is of particular value because it is the same vineyards of Cantina Vandelli to be the protagonists. Large, neat rows in that sites of San Michele of Mucchietti known by the name of "The Basin." In place names, the history of these lands: the site was right here Basin Ducale of wood, a reservoir of triangular shape of 22,000 square meters, for stacking of timber from forests rich dell'Abetina Royal.
An impressive work, a basin surrounded by canals used for transporting wood and long retaining walls. Used throughout the 800, the basin saw disappear the arrival of the timber with the beginning of 1900, replaced as from coal, transported more and more via treno.Quella ground, however, from the wood of our Apennines had absorbed valuable substances, substances that make these loam soils, rich and above all unique. A historical value but also a nutritional value beyond compare.
Valter Vandelli has treated these vineyards with reverential attention over the past 50 years.
Well aware of the value of their land and grateful for the work and Valter Lydia, the sons William, Maximus and Ermanna have decided to emphasize the quality of these vineyards, producing wines at the height of their history.
traditional wines: "The Basin" wines: Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro DOP, Extra Dry Sparkling Rosé Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro DOP, Spergola Colli di Scandiano and Canossa DOC that are just waiting for your "judgment."

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