Bersi Serlini

Rosé Rosa Rosæ

Franciacorta DOCG

Grapes 70% Chardonnay which complements the share of Pinot Noir 30%
Color pink garnet, delicate salmon with slightly orange glints
Bouquet It’s fresh and aromatic on the nose. Net refined notes of red currant, strawberries and flowers with slight touches of citrus and vegetables
Taste Refined and elegant, exhibiting exceptional acidity and body. Acidity is well balanced by the medium dosage
Fermentation & Ageing It is only after at least 36 months fermenting before disgorgement delivering sheer elegance.
Serve 8-10 °C
Bottle 750, 1500 ml
Alcohol 12,50% Vol.
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Provaglio d'Iseo (BS)


Franciacorta is one of the best area  for wine cultivation, . Since the Roman Empire wine cultivation has been a constantthanks to its favourable climatic and soil conditions. Though it experience good and bad periods alike, viticulture in these lands never stopped.


Food pairing

Franciacorta Rosé Rosa Rosae This wine pairs beautifully with various cold meats and charcuterie to full flavored main courses and aged a great conviviality wine able to aromas and flavor when paired with italian prosciutto crudo. The combination with the aroma of wild berries and fat savoury meats makes the experience unforgettable. From duck sushi, the Rosè guides the most curious palates. It is perfect to be enjoyed with everyone, but it is especially good when tasted with friends.


Bersi Serlini Domaine finds its origin in the MiddleAge; in the related Abbazia di San Pietro in Lamosa, the Cluny Monks built the originary construction of our wine cellar: a dependence with farming and wine producing purpose. Big walls, made with field stones, with amazing barrel, groined and ribbed vaults.

After 700 years of Cluny Monks, the property became private and in 1886 it was acquired by Bersi Serlini Family; it has been expanded in the second half of ‘900 from the grandpa, the Lawyer Piero Bersi Serlini and then restored under the visionary guide of the son Arturo. Arturo was the person who produced in 1970 the very first bottle of Brut in Franciacorta.

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