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Discovering the Cow "Cinisara"

"The Cinisana cow licketh the stones and makes milk"
Cinisara is the protagonist of a story that begins in Spanish times. With the intent of organizing Corride in Sicily, from Spain departing ships with bulls and cows. Following a shipwreck in the sea opposite to Cinisi (from which the breed takes its name), surviving animals begin to inhabit the mountains of the area.

A new chef for “La Scala”

Teatro alla Scala restaurant’s chef is retiring soon and he is looking for his worth substitute. Enjoy this special experience of "ARTES"


Daniela is proud to invite you to taste genuine dishes in her home, a peculiar Country House/Baglio of the end of 1700.

The Home Restaurant is a new way to eat out but at the same time feel at home in an exclusive location...Come and cheer up my dining room and let yourself be carried away by my good mood!

Blue week in the Salentine Peninsula

Buy, Cook, Taste

Speaking and entertaining you regarding ingredients, seasonality, recipes and traditions of culinary history, we will do the shopping together.


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Typical and with a cosmopolitan past, Sicily is a land full of inspirations. Beautiful landscapes are bearers of centuries of history, tradition and modernity: a journey through time to discover the past and good food.

Western Sicily valleys are rich in traditions since ancient times. Events in the family, celebrations and parties during the year were accompanied by customs from deep and symbolic contents. Nowadays many of these uses have been lost or have lost their deeper and original meaning. The preservation of the uses, customs, cultural heritage and even more of the Sicilian language are a bulwark of this people.

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Francigena's way

The ancient route for the pilgrims that in medieval times connect Canterbury to Rome and to the harbors of Apulia


« ... quando semino un grano antico semino il futuro. »
(Assia La Rosa)

Il termine antico usato è impropriamente avendo più una connotazione commerciale che non reale; le varietà cosiddette antiche infatti sono semplicemente grani che erano diffusi un tempo non necessariamente remoto e che oggi non lo sono più
Sono grani per la gran parte scomparsi perché poco adatti ad una coltivazione intensiva con processi meccanizzati e con largo impiego di fertilizzanti. Inoltre, hanno rese per ettaro più basse rispetto alle più diffuse coltivazioni di frumento odierne.
Va però sottolineato come l'agricoltura contadina tenda a resistere a queste imposizioni e resista la tradizione di riutilizzare come semente - quando le specie lo permettono - una parte dei grani prodotti, preservando così la capacità individuale di selezionare con il tempo il seme più adatto alle proprie condizioni produttive senza dipendere da una fonte esterna.
I grani duri antichi siciliani o varietà locali di grani siciliani sono una serie di 52 varietà di grani autoctoni della Sicilia...erano 100

Historical Salento Experience


Il Fermento

Initially pubs in Rome were in British or Irish style, with industrial brand of draft beer coming from the UK or Ireland.

In the shadow of st. Peter

A gastronomic walk in the Prati district and its historic market.

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Italian Lifestyle

Milan Cheese Experience

learn how to make typical italian cheese

Milan Football experience

The legendary "San Siro " Stadium with MIlan AC and FC Inter Museum

Milan Shopping Experience

The capital of fashion is waiting dor you...


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"There was more greek temples in south Italy than in Greece"

St. Francis Way

“Walking along the St Francis' Way is, therefore, an authentic spiritual journey that satisfies man's desire, even modern man, to seek the meaning of his own existence deep within himself. The figure of St Francis, towering over Assisi, which is the final destination of the walk, in reality accompanies you throughout the journey, speaking to the heart and mind of the traveller about the possibility of leading your everyday life in total harmony with the world, with man and with God”

Street food and much more...

Suburra district and authentic Rome Food Tasting: Monti and Esquilino districts

The Kingdom of Pork meat


Vacanze Romane

Discovering ancient and jewish Rome: Ghetto , Campo dei Fiori , Piazza Navona , Pantheon .

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Why get married in Castellammare del Golfo?

Why get married in Marsala?

Why get married in San Vito Lo Capo?

Why get married in Scopello?

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