Between Milan and Turin

Discover the real North of Italy

This tour is a unique experience through the Nort of italy between the city of Milano , Cremona and Torino

here you can find the  complete program in .pdf  "Between Milan and Turin Tour"



The most trendy town in Italy, famous for fashion and design, but full of history and art like everywhere in Italy.

We will discover the treasures of Milano starting from the his historical monuments:

 The Duomo: The overwhelming beauty of its spires, the charm of the gothic and silent ships, the amazing view of the city from its roof, will enchant you.

 duomo duomointerno

Take a break in the «Milan Salon», wander through its shining shop window, and enjoy this extraordinary example of neorinascimental style.


gallaeria galleria


The Dominican convent adjining the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie houses one of the most important masterpieces in the world: the “Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. A private guide would be the best way to discover it.

ultima cena

Live the magical atmosphere of Castello Sforzesco in the heart of the city, take a chance to visit the museum, and discover its secret dungeons.

castello  castle


One of the most important Opera Houses in the world, La Scala, don’t miss the opportunity of a tour in the back stage, with a guide who will reveal you the trivia hidden in his history and behind the curtain. Or live it at the best attending a ballet.

la scala scala

The beating heart of a modern city, the new face of Milano... the futuristic skyline will amaze you!

modern modern

verticale paesaggio

The possibility to live an outstanding experience on Navigli, the historical waterways, travelling along a stretch of the canal by boat is an opportunity to visit the area and discover its scenery, traditions as well as local food and wine. 
Every night this place turns into one of the most trendy district of the city, live music and street artist will liven up your time.

darsena  navigli


navigli navigli

Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun in the fashion capital.
Walk through the «Milan Fashion Quadrilateral», the high-class shopping district in the center of Milan, characterized by the presence of numerous boutiques and related retail outlets which represent most of the world’s major fashion houses.



Share with people who live their everyday life in this city the moment of Happy-Hour.
At the end of the day enjoy italian appetizers and a cocktail in an extraordinary stage like  Martini Terrace. 

atmosfera  interno tram

Elegance, taste and tradition.

In Milan you can experience a special dinner, like the one that ATM (local Tram Company) propose.

The two historic trams, called ATMosfera, are the first itinerant restaurants in Italy. This event proposes a special itinerary where the pleasure of the palate (traditional Milan food)  combines with the beauty of traveling in the heart of Milan. 

Milan can also be considered the capital of italian food , all the best italian restaurants have a location in Milan . Typical dishes of milan are the famous : "Cotoletta alla Milanese",  "Panettone" , "Risotto", "Cassouela".  The history and origin of "Panettone" can be considered  a true legend: for sure was born in middle age but it is not sure if was invented by "Toni", lowly scullion  at service of "Ludovio il Moro" , that created this new bread ( pan = bread in italian) so called  "pan de toni" and then "Panettone" or was invented by sister "Ughetta" a creative pastry or was only a Christmas tradition to cookethis bread with sweet ingredients.



cotoletta panettone


We can offer many other type of Exeriences in Milan  depending on  your passions and  and the days you will spend in the city . At the end of this page you will find the single experiences that we offer in Milan and close to Milan , for example:

  • Milano   AC Milan/ FC Inter Experience 

  • Milan Shopping experience

  • Milano Cheese experience

  Como Lake

The breakfast will be at the hotel and afterwards the group will head to visit the Silk museum in Como (Como has a long tradition in working silk for fashion design. Free time will be left to shop in the old centre. 
The lunch will be consumed in a typical restaurant of the historic centre


como1 como2

Today the tour will go on with a view of Como from the ferry that will bring you to Bellagio, a magic village in the centre of the lake. The ferry will stop as well to the best spot on the lake to see the old villas characteristic of the area.

como6 como7

Fashion and tour of Lake Como in Moto Guzzi ( da staccare come experience??)

Lake Como represents an extraordinary sequence of sceneries filled with history, nature and poetry. From the most important Italian novel “I Promessi Sposi”, to the romantic scenes of “Star Wars” the background of its waters surrounded by the Alps is among the most coveted settings of the entire planet. Lake Como is also home of exceptional companies such as the famous Guzzi”. 
Italyon offers the exclusive opportunity of a complete tour of the Lake riding the iconic Guzzi California motorcycles with senior bikers for an experience across one of the most exciting landscapes of Northern Italy.
Duration: 1–3 days | Stops, location: Milan, Bellagio, Mandello del Lario, Cernobbio 
Highlights: Como Lake, landscape,

lagomoto comomoto1

The group will have to possibility to have lunch and /or dinner in  typical restaurants of the area. Overnight in hotel.

como13 polenta

"FranciaCorta" Wines and Castle

Franciacorta is a charming and amazing land, renowned for its wines. This area offers  not only incredible views of endless hill vineyards, but also you can  see  historical legacies, above all in the form of monasteries, castles and stately villas. Last but not least we will visit the near Lake Iseo to enjoy its fairy-tale landscape and atmosphere. 


francia1 francia2

We will visit an  Bersi Serlini Domaine. The winery  finds its origin in the MiddleAge; in the related Abbazia di San Pietro in Lamosa, the Cluny Monks built the originary construction of the  wine cellar: a dependence with farming and wine producing purpose. Big walls, made with field stones, with amazing barrel, groined and ribbed vaults.


bersi1 bersi2 berssi3

From here-on, the family Bersi Serlini likes to take their beloved guests in an enthusiastic journey, narrating Franciacorta wine: an extraordinary product, outcome of a unique land obtained with a strict method.
A full immersion journey  from Vineyards s to the 2 underground cellars with exclusive Bersi Serlini Franciacorta tastings, always paired with grissini, cheese and Montisola salame. ( 45'/60' each tour)

salami cheese

At Bersi Serlini you can find two underground cellars: one is for wine-making (vinificazione in italian) and the other is for grapes maturation.

bersi4 bersi5

The Abbey of San Nicola (11th, 15th, 16,th, 18th centuries) in Rodengo Saiano

The isolated abbey of S. Nicola is considered the cornerstone of the Benedictine presence of Cluniac obedience in Franciacorta. In 1446 it passed to the Olivetans who rebuilt it, between 1450 and 1534, with the competition of the best artists from Brescia. After the suppression (1779) and the decay, since 1974 the monastery has returned to the care of the Olivetans. The small, older cloister (1455-60) has a terracotta frieze on the arches and gothic capitals. Here the Christian Crusaders used to come to be blessed.


san nicola1  san nicola

The Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa (11th - 16th centuries) in Provaglio d’Iseo

An 11th-century monastery founded by the Cluniac monks who first started to cultivate the region. On weekends you can visit the church and have a look at 15th century frescoes in various states of decay.

san pietro


Alba  and Langhe

Alba and the surrounding area of Langhe can be considered one of the exiting food  and wine experience in Italy.
Known as the city of a hundred medieval towers the old town centre is a beautifully preserved town, with a great atmosphere.
In particular famous for its white truffles and chocolates - it is where Ferrero Rocher and Nutella come from and the legendary Gianduia was invented here. Of course Alba is also the heart of Italy's premier wine region - the Langhe. In April the Vinum wine festival is hosted in Alba and it is a must for lovers of good wine.

alba1 alba2

Alba truffle, which can sell for as much as £3,000 a kilo, and Barolo, regarded as the finest of all Italian wines, the region remains incredibly unpretentious despite its international fame, largely derived from these luxurious gastronomic goodies.

We will organize a wine tasting tour with Chinese speaker guide visiting hystorical  winery in Barbaresco, enjoying a  a wine tasting of three wines, including Barbaresco DOCG.

Then through scenic roads you will reach the Barolo area for a private winery tour and a wine tasting of five wines, including Barolo DOCG. Your wine tasting will be paired with delicious and genuine local food such as bruschette, traditional starters, cold cuts, cheese and dessert.

barolo antiaasto

The truffle festival goes on every weekend in October. It starts off with the White Night which is a night long celebration of music, dancing and of course, this being Italy, plenty of eating.

tartufo  alba7

Alba is not only beautiful it is a superb place to eat and it's not for nothing that it is known as the gourmet capital of Piedmont.
The experience in  Alba is about enjoying the holistic experience of being in and being a part of life in this gorgeous town than any one historical building.

The Slow Food Movement was born here, when founder Carlo Petrini feared for the fate of the endless intriguing grape varieties that the area boasts, and the rich history of traditional food manufacturing, all of which is now being protected by the movement.

Truffles and nuts some of the most highly-praised varieties of their kinds, the region is also a notorious hotbed of cheese production and bovine breeding.

rocher nutella


City center walking tour
We will Discover the masterpieces of the great architects who celebrated the splendor of the House of Savoy, the historic rooms of the city center, meeting places frequented by famous and refined ladies. This walking tour is perfecto discover unusual and unknown places, real secret caskets that bear witness to the magnificence of the ancient Royal City.

torino1 tprino2

Royal palace 
Located in the geographical center of the city,” Palazzo Reale” , the  Royal Palace was the imposing seat of representation of the Dukes of Savoy. The furnishings, all original, are an emblem of wealth and fantasy, including rock crystal chandeliers, Flemish and French tapestries, golden stuccoes, Chinese lacquers and frescoes. During the visit you will also be able to travel the largest armory in Europe that boasts full armor, swords, revolvers of kings and emperors and a fairy-tale ballroom in which only Cinderella and her prince could set foot ... but you will follow them for an hour of pure daydream.

palazzo relae  palazzore rale

Reggia di Venaria

The Palace was designed and built from 1675 by Amedeo di Castellamonte, commissioned by duke Charles Emmanuel II, who needed a base for his hunting expeditions in the heathy hill country north of Turin. The name itself derives from Latin, Venatio Regia meaning "Royal Hunt".

The Reggia di Venaria (Venaria Royal Palace) is one of the principle Savoy residences in Piedmont. The Venaria complex, now a UNESCO world heritage site, was commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele II as a base for hunting in the surrounding area. The Palace later underwent numerous modifications that led it to its present appearance. The Galleria Grande, the Chapel of Sant'Uberto and the Citroniera are true jewels, designed in the first half of the eighteenth century by the brilliance of Filippo Juvarra.  In 2007, the Palace was reopened for public use, after eight years of restoration. Visiting the Reggia di Venaria today means admiring works coming from the collections of other Savoy residences, viewing exhibitions of international importance, walking through the reconstructed Italian Gardens and experiencing the wonder and magnificence of Baroque architecture, video installations by Peter Greenaway and contemporary sculpture in the “Giardino delle sculture fluide” (Garden of fluid sculpture) by Giuseppe Penone. The Venaria Reale also offers a rich and ever-changing calendar of events, performances and games.

reggia venaria venaria2

"Sacra Sindone"- The Hoy Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. A man that millions believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. Is it really the cloth that wrapped his crucified body, or is it simply a medieval forgery, a hoax perpetrated by some clever artist? Modern science has completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and intense research on the Shroud. It is, in fact, the single most studied artifact in human history, and we know more about it today than we ever have before. And yet, the controversy still rages.

It is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin. The cloth itself is believed by some to be the burial shroud that Jesus was wrapped in when he was buried after crucifixion. It is first securely attested in 1390, when a local bishop wrote that the shroud was a forgery and that an unnamed artist had confessed. Radiocarbon dating of a sample of the shroud material is consistent with this date.


sacra sindone  sacra sindone2



Typical regional dinner and wine tasting

<<<inserire testo>>>

vermouth1 torino2



Juventus stadium and museum tour 

The Juventus Stadium and museum  is the masterpiece to visit if you are a lover of footbal. As is well known, football is one of the most loved sports in the world. As well as the players and their exploits, over the years even the stadiums have become the subject of pride and admiration. The company that runs the stadium has designed a real guided tour of the structure, lasting 70 minutes. During the visit the visitor can appreciate the history of Juventus, punctuated by great personalities and important victories. The tour itself also includes a visit to the team changing rooms, the press area and, of course, the playing field. Included in the tour there is also a visit to the Juventus museum which showcases the trophies won by the team, the photos depicting the historical moments and the jersey of the most famous players.

juventus juve 4


What is included

The tour could be from 3 to 10  days – High Quality level
Minimun group 10-15 ppl

The package include:
•    Private coach for all ground transfers as in the program;
•    Chinese speaking escort guide throughout your stay in Italy;
•    Accommodation and breakfast in a 4/5-stars hotel (double room)
•    Meals in restaurants as in the program (course meal excluding drinks)
•    Authorised local guide service as in the program;
•    Entrance fees as in the program.


what is exluded

  • Flight from/to China
  • all others cost not included in theh list of "what is included"
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