Between Venice and Florence

Food , Culture and the best of " Made in Italy"

Here you can find  the complete program in .pdf  Between Venice and Florence tour


Day 1: Venice 

Meeting with the group at Bologna AirPort (since june 2018 direct flight from Hangzhou, Nanchang, Shenyang, Taiyuan e Xi’an, organised by Blue Panorama Airlines)

Luggage will be loaded on a private coach, which will wait the group at the airport.

The group will arrive in Venice with a private panoramic motorboat and it will be possible during the journey to see some of the city amenities.

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Brief lunch in a restaurant in the venetian alley “calli”. After lunch it will be possible to meet with a Venice’s authorised guide (Chinese speaker) and to walk through the city centre for about two hours. Among the amenities there are St Mark’s Square and Basilica, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, Doge’s Palace, “calli” in the nearby, Murano island etc. 

Late afternoon will be possible to have for the dinner a degustation of the typical products of the region, like PROSECCO (the most sold wine in the world) wines, tipical pasta and rice, baccalà fish, Tiramisù etc.  Overnight in hotel.

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Day 2: Bologna 

After the breakfast it will be possible to meet with a Bologna’s authorised guide (Chinese speaker) and to walk through the city centre for about 3 hours. Among the amenities there are: Piazza Maggiore, Basilica di San Petronio, Due Torri, Basilica di Santo Stefano, Portico del Pavaglione, Archiginnasio, ect.

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The group will have lunch includind the tipical in a restaurant in the nearby of the hotel with the typical products of the area: Tagliatelle bolognese, Tortellini (italian dumpling), mortadella and salami, cooked pork meat etc.


In the afternoon the group will head with the private coach and Chinese speaking guide to Museum Lamborghini and to a famous Bologna mortadella factory, where it will be possible to taste the products.


The dinner will be in one of the most prestigious restaurants of the historic centre of Bologna (Diana, I Carracci, etc.) Overnight in hotel.


Day 3: Bologna - Maranello

The breakfast will be at the hotel and afterwards the group will head to Maranello to visit the Ferrari Museum with the assistance of an audio guide. Free time will be left to shop at the Ferrari Store.

The lunch will be freely consumed along the way to Parma in a service restaurant.

Once in Parma the group will walk through the city with an authorised guide. Afterwards the group will head to Zibello, famous for its salami, particularly the “Culatello” the top of Parma ham. Here the group will stop at “Boutique delle Carni” for a free snack with the specialities of the place and the possibility to purchase them.

Lastly the group will go back to the hotel and each individual will have to possibility to have dinner in a typical restaurant of the historic centre. Overnight in hotel.



Day 4: Modena

The breakfast will be at the hotel. The plan of the day is to visit the companies that produce four of the italian excellences relative to wine and food: Lambrusco wine, Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


The visit include a tour of the companies and annexes museum, a degustation of the products and the possibility to by the products that will be send direct to china.

The taste of these four products match very well together: the Lambrusco wine is a bit sweet and is perfect with the taste of Parma Ham, Balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

The name of Lambrusco come with the root “brusco” that means brush, because the sparkling of the wine clean the mouth from the fat of the ham and salami



Day 5: Verona - Garda Lake - Valpolicella

From the town of Romeo and Juliet to Valpolicella the Kindom of AMARONE wine, passing trought the amazing lake of Garda.

The breakfast will be at the hotel. It will follow a meeting with the Chinese speaking guide and a trip to Verona, the town of lovers. We will visit the building with the balcony where Juliet use to get the serenades from Romeo.

After that we’ll enjoy the Arena outdoor theatre, beatufull location for outdoor liric performance, and the historical centre.

Later will have a lunch reLaxing on the Garda lake with a degustation of the local products: both the west (Valpolicella) and the east (Franciacorta) areas  of the lake of Garda are full of vineyards and wine companies. Valpolicella (Valley of Poli (many) Cellars) is the Kingdom of AMARONE wine, one of the best wines in Italy. Here the Romans start to coltivate grapes and produce wine over 2000 years ago.

In the afternoon will have a tour of the the lake, stopping in Sirmione peninsula with is catle and the Therme of Catullo, the ruins of a roman villa, and his museum.

Late afternoon will be possible visit some vineyards of Amarone or Franciacorta (the italian champagne area) with a wine and food  tasting experience waiting for the sunset.

If you come late september you can enjoy the Amarone grape harvest, one of the latest wine harvest (handmade harvest to don’t break the grapes, that will be lie down to dry until december, when they will be work to produce the AMARONE)

Overnight in hotel




Day 6: Bologna / Florence / Faschion outlet mall Barberino / Bologna

The breakfast will be at the hotel. It will follow a meeting with the Chinese speaking guide and a trip to Florence. Here the guide will walk with the group around the city and will visit the historic centre, Piazza Duomo, Campanile di Giotto, Battistero, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, etc…

Firenze was the town where the Renaissance started, with Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci living that age, and you can see everywhere the sign of that creative period (David of Michelangelo in the main square firstly)

Ultimately the group will head to the Outlet Barberino del Mugello (fashion outlet mall) and each individual will choose a restaurant within the mall.


In the afternoon each individual can have the assistance of a personal shopper.


Lastly the group will go back to the hotel and each individual will have to possibility to have dinner in a typical restaurant of the historic centre. Overnight in hotel

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Day 7: Bologna / Monte San Pietro / Savigno /Bologna

Breakfast will be at the hotel. The group will head with the guide to the Agriturismo Bonzara of Monte San Pietro and here will be held cooking lessons in order to learn how to make the tortellini, the most prestigious dish of the Bologna’s culture. In the Agriturismo will be held the lunch with typical food and wine. After dinner there will be the possibility to visit the basement and to buy the local products.

It will follow a trip to Savigno for the Sagra del Tartufo (Truffle fair) or other popular seasonal fair.


Lastly the group will be back in Bologna and be free to dinner in any of the restaurant of the historic centre. Overnight in hotel.

Day 8: Bologna / Dozza Imolese / Rimini / Montegridolfo

The guests will have breakfast at the hotel and check out from their rooms. The group will visit Dozza Imolese and the enoteca in the Rocca Sforzesca (Fort). Tasting of the wine and eventual purchase will be also possible. The group will move to Rimini and have a fish lunch on the seaside, followed by a walk on the beach. It will follow a visit to the Montegridolfo Castle. In this village the guests will enter their rooms and spend the night in the hotel. Dinner in the reataurant included.

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Day 9: Montegridolfo – Gradara – San Marino – Montegridolfo

After the breakfast the group will leave with a Chinese speaking guide for Gradara. In Gradara it will be possible to visit the castle, one of the better persevered in Italy. After the lunch in a restaurant the group will visit freely the Republic of San Marino, with some time for shopping and souvenirs. Ultimately there will be a “goodbye dinner” in the restaurant in Montegridolfo. Overnight.

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Day 9: Perugia

A full immersion in nature and the world of Truffles: from the truffle hunt to its tasting, passing through a detailed explanation of its characteristics. Our Truffle Experience is an opportunity to have fun in the woods with our faithful four-legged friends (the truffle dogs) and learn more about this precious mushroom.

The truffle hunt

The truffle hunt lasts about 1/1.5 hours. In order to have a comfortable visit to the truffle grounds, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and long trousers. The meeting point is at our shop in via Chiesa Tonda to Pigge di Trevi (Perugia), from which we will walk to one of our truffle grounds, where we will search for truffles accompanied by the friendly Gina, a specially trained, truffle-hunting Pointer. Thanks to her good sense of smell, she will look for and spot the best truffles.After Gina has identified the truffles, our staff (the truffle diggers) will extract them, showing you how a truffle hunter works.

Truffle tasting

After the visit to the truffle grounds, we will head back to our store where you can sample many truffle-based dishes accompanied at all times by our staff, who will explain the features and fun facts about truffles and the search for them.
You can, of course, use the opportunity to buy fresh truffles, preserved truffles and truffle-based specialities from our store.



Day 11: Bologna

After the breakfast the group will spend the time before to leave for the airport making shopping around the town



The tour could be from 3 to 10  days – High Quality level

Minimun group 10-15 ppl


venezia 1
venezia 2

Included / Excluded

The package include:

  • Private motorboat for panoramic transfers in Venice as in the program;
  • Private coach for all ground transfers as in the program;
  • Chinese speaking escort guide throughout your stay in Italy;
  • Accommodation and breakfast in a 4/5-stars hotel (double room)
  • Meals in restaurants as in the program (course meal excluding drinks)
  • Authorised local guide service as in the program;
  • Entrance fees as in the program.


Not included in the package:

  • Flight from/to China
  • Medical insurance 

All the organisation will be supported from local certified travel agencies that can respond to all the requests about Flights and Visa if needed.

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