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Educational Experiences in Italian Design

- Experiential travels through culture and design. Italian lifestyle across its territory.
- A high level network for extraordinary encounters.
- Experiential learning and thematic tour-editing shaped by your desires.




Download the presentation in pdf  here  "Design and trips" 


Design and Trips is a Cultural Association comprised of a group of professionals and Design lovers sharing the goal of delivering original cultural and educational experiences able to spread the culture of design Made in Italy around the world. Design and Trips suggests a selection of experts, locations and events to offer exclusive and customized opportunities of familiarising with the excellence and uniqueness of design, art, fashion and food&wine Made in Italy, in short, of Italian lifestyle.
Design and Trips conceives the best experiences for individuals or groups, answering the needs, desires and curiosity of customers while offering the company of an experience coach through the entire duration of the trip and even afterwards.

An educational program that offers a unique experience in the Italian system of Design.
In collaboration with:






The strength of Design and Trips lies in the large number of relations that each of us brings to the other members in order to benefit of the best of the territory of this country, whether physical, cultural or professional.
A group of friends, senior and junior, Italian and Chinese, united in the mission of promoting the culture of design through customized experiential travels in the Italy of excellences with a special attention to its backstage made of people, stories and secrets that characterize unique products, places and encounters.
Italian hospitality is our priority, not only, for the Chinese friends that registering with our association will be able to access programs that are customized on their leisure requests, business needs and education.

design and trip





We organize training courses where participation diplomas are delivered at the end by the Polidesign, a
consortium of Milan Polytechnic; and stays to allow you to meet and live the best of Italy.
We choose places, people and activities based on cultural, professional, educational and entertainment
interests and desires expressed by our clients following the times, rhythms and related budgets to
each of them.
Courses are designed and organized to increase the Know How and business.
All five senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch will be the protagonists of special experiences that
will allow you to truly meet the places, people, crafts and cultures, flavors and fragrances, materials and
A selected and growing network of diffuse relationships throughout the territory, composed of
partners and friends who guarantee specialized and exclusive contents and a sincere hospitality, at all
levels, to live the life of a town and not just visit it.

WHAT IS POLI.DESIGN? is a consortium of Polytechnics of Milan operating in the field of design, at
an international level, playing as a mediator between universities, companies,organizations, institutions and the professional world.
It develops the training for young graduates and professionals, as well as training forcompanies with a special emphasis on






 ultimo corso

What We Offer


In Italy: Design as a Culture and Project Method. All of our Educational Experiences in Italy provide short courses, workshops, lectures, guided visits to showrooms, studios, companies, universities and special places with special meetings, case histories and stories of true protagonists of Italian design, from business to culture.


Classroom Lessons

4/8 h classroom lesson with Design professor and professional designers


Classroom Workshop

Individual or group workshop on a targeted brief, with professors / professional designers, with final design concepts and output production


Specific themed paths

Urban tour on a specific theme (eg Brand & Retail), led by a professor / professionals connecting experience to brand strategies


Guided Showroom visits

Guided tours by a professor / professional at a showroom with stories and discussion about products, history, strategies and trends


Guided Studio visits

Guided tours by a professor / professional at Designer, Architects and Professional studio, meeting and discussion with the owner or his delegate on history, ideas and projects


Guided Exibition/Fair visits

Guided tours by a professor / professional at Exibition/Fair with exhibitors selection to visit


Guided Museum visits

Guided tours by a professor / professional to selected museums and / or temporary exhibitions


Guided Architecture tours

Urban or extraurban tours guided by professor / professional organized on a theme of Architecture (eg Lights and Colors in Venetian Architecture


Guided Production tours

Guided tours by a professor / professional at laboratories, factories, cellars, farms of artisan and industrial production


Short courses

Short an dfocused course (1/2 h) on a specific theme in selected places with a professor / professional who talks with images (eg Beauty in Italy)


Dinner/aperitif with a Very Intelligent Person (VIP)

Exclusive dinner with a VIP that through cooking, dinner and direct relationship tell their experiences and skills


Dinner at a Very Italian Interesting Person (VIIP) house
Very Exclusive Dinner at home of a VIIP,  to have an emotional and live experience about design with in an Italian very interesting person.


 The "Educational Experiences" are developed on the following Specific Themes , typical of "Made in Italy":


1- Interior Design



2- Product Design


3- Wine & Food Design


4- Fashion Design



5- Hospitality


6- Italian Lifestyle


7- Retail


8- Mobility


9- Colors Design  


10 - jewelry design

Download the complete program of the course in .pdf  here  Jewelry tour 

Example of "One Week" Educational program

Below is an example of a weekly program of "Educational Experience" on the "Colors Design"


Day Hour  City


Sunday 17.30 Milan Hotel Milano City center Welcome
Duomo visit


10.00-13.00  Milan  PoliDesign Course with teacher and
D&T interpreter (workshop).


15.00-18.00   Milan  Polidesign Course with teacher and
D&T interpreter (workshop).
19.00 Milan Eataly Group dinner
Tuesday 10.00- 13.00
Milano B&B Factory tour with the D&T
interpreter and reference.
15.00 18.00 Milano Milan Studio VIP Visit to VIP studio with D&T
interpreter and reference
19.00 Milano   Group dinner
Wednesday 10.00 13.00 Milan Molteni Factory tour with the D&T
interpreter and reference.
15.00 Milan  Show room Visit Studio-showrooms visit
Non-accommpanied dinner
Thursday 10.00 13.00 Milan PoliDesign Course with D&T teacher and interpreter (in classroom)
15.00 18.00 Milan PoliDesign Course with D & T teacher and interpreter (in classroom)
End of course and delivery of diplomas
Friday 09.00 23.00

Venice Murano

  Visit to Venice and Murano
with D & T interpreter
Saturday   Venice   Return from Venice
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