Daniela is proud to invite you to taste genuine dishes in her home, a peculiar Country House/Baglio of the end of 1700.

The Home Restaurant is a new way to eat out but at the same time feel at home in an exclusive location...Come and cheer up my dining room and let yourself be carried away by my good mood!



Daniela has always been passionated of good food, she has graduated in Gastronomic Science in the University of Slow Food making her interest became a work. .
Her aim is to make people discover history and gastronomy of Sicilian cooking using receipts from the past or forgotten and to educate to the selection of raw materials, choosing exclusively season’s products picked from her own organic garden and from local famers’ market:
a Show Cooking from the garden to the dish!
The cooking lessons are managed in small groups to prepare dishes from Sicilian gastronomy.
With her high sense of hospitality Daniela receives you in the Baglio Cappello where the kitchen has a leading role with its wood oven. Dishes are going to be prepared with an acknowledgement and culture aim making it possible to each single participant to learn the history of the dishes prepared.
Cooking lessons, a way to know completely a dish and learn through the discovery of tradition and forgotten tastes. 

Come and cheer up my dining room/more lively and let yourself be “infected” by my good humor/temper.
From ever keen on good food, graduated in Gastronomic Science at University of Slow Food, Daniela has made her passion become a work. Her aim is to make people rediscover an interest in Sicilian cooking history and gastronomy picking up recipes from the past or forgotten, and to educate to the selection of raw materials, choosing only seasonal products from her organic garden or from local producers, all seasoned with the extra-virgin olive oil produced by Daniela.
The experience starts at your arrival to the Country House/Baglio where you are welcomed with an aperitif/appetizer on the terrace, getting acquainted with the other guests. Later you’ll be mingled at the table where the real experience takes place!
Guests can peep inside the kitchen, where the leading star is the wood-burning oven, during the different stages of work and be acquainted on the recipes.
Ingredients are always going to be fresh, seasonal and local, the dishes cooked at the moment with the weariness of using genuine products. To fulfil the experience of being in an exclusive location, cuddled as you would be at homeminimum of 4 people to groups of 12 are allowed each time.







The farm, of about 10 hectares, is located in Bosco Falconeria district in the Agro di Partinico at about 40 km from Palermo. We are olive growers for four generations and are dedicated to the growing of about two thousands of olive trees in part of hundreds of years old and in part of recent plant. We dedicate ourselves to organic farming to develop a production model that preserves throughout time natural resources: soil, air and water. We have banned the use of chemicals and pesticides promoting a farming method that uses natural substances and improving processes of working. Today the farm, Laura Cataldo, is managed by the daughter Daniela Adamo, graduated in the University of Gastronomic Science by Slow Food. After a working experience in Milan in the Food and Beverage decides to come back to Sicily and take care of the family land giving an innovative mark to agronomic and cultural practices to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of high quality




You can sleep inside the Baglio Cappello to experience the peace and the quietness of this place and from the big terrace you can have a view on the farm and on Castellammare’s gulf.
You can taste the season’s products picking them from the organic garden and do long walks around the farm enjoying this unique experience.
Considered the excellent location of the Baglio you can easily reach the most beautiful sites of West Sicily: Scopello, Segesta, Lo Zingaro, Erice, Mozia, Palermo and Trapani.
If you come to sleep here in the period of picking the olives you can actively take part to all moments of the production of oil: from olive tree groves to the new oil tasting..






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