Blue week in the Salentine Peninsula

Since a long time we have focussed our lives on the sea. Each dive we make has the aim to uncover some of its secrets, which we try to catch with our cameras, paying special attention to the unusual and unique moments. As diving instructors we have spent a long time teaching the diving techniques to hundreds of people that were sharing our “blue passion”. Years long our home has been harbour for friends and today we have decided to merge all those aspects creating “Eco di Mare”.

The dives, the boat excursions to discover the coast line and the caves, the bathing in the wonderful sulphurous waters, are just some of the ingredients for a holiday, which is amusing and relaxing at the same time.

Diving program
The dives are suitable for divers of all levels. They vary from caves, walls, wrecks and sandbanks. Every morning two dives are planned, depending on the weather and sea conditions. An easy dive, under the Torre Saracena, will be the first dive of the week. At the maximum depth of –23m every diver will have the possibility to refresh the knowledge about equipment and buoyancy.


mare 1

what you can see and experience

Among the dives in our program:
• Dive on a roman wreck from the II B.C.; 
• Dive in the cave of the “sea roses”. Beautiful half submerged cave hosting shrimps, sea stars, several Cyprea species and hundreds of bryozoans locally called “sea-roses”;
• Dive in the “Pozzo del Malamente” (Well of the mad-man). A fantastic landscape leads the diver in a wide rounded cave with open ceiling where the clear water creates a mirror effect. Common encounters with lobsters and groupers.
• Dive at the anchors graveyard. The divers will see several kinds of anchors from different ages. Some of them reach 4 m of length.
• Dive in the "Palombara" (Dove bay), a small bay characterised by connected caves and chimneys.
• Last but not least the dive in the Otranto “Cenote”. A rarity for the Mediterranean Sea, for this dive no boat is needed. In fact, along the rocky shore opens a wide rounded opening that corresponds to the collapsed ceiling of a large cave. Even in rough sea conditions the water is calm like in a natural pool. Following the walls covered by sponges of different colours the diver will reach a huge arch, which links the cave to the open sea. The dive goes on along a wall characterised by large sponges on which it is easy to observe scorpion fishes and S.Peter fishes. Several caves, testifying with the huge stalactites and columns the variations of the sea level during the past 100.000 years, pierce the huge wall. A dive that cannot be missed!

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