Buy, Cook, Taste

Speaking and entertaining you regarding ingredients, seasonality, recipes and traditions of culinary history, we will do the shopping together.

We will meet near a local market, sharing the menu that we will prepare during our lesson and we will do the shopping list.


During the three hours of the lesson will prepare traditional Italian dishes and Roman specialties: we will prepare a first course, a second course and a dessert or alternatively a starter.

Roman cod fillet, gricia, matriciana, roman artichokes, tart with ricotta and cherries ... just a few examples of what we could include in our menu. We will taste together what we have been preparing, accompanying our lunch/dinner with some local wine.

We will share feelings and opinions about the preparation and realization of courses.



The courses will be play in a real cooking school selected by Sarti del Gusto. The cooking class will run for about three hours to which must be added the time to spend at the market. The cooking class is in Italian, but we have a pool of interpreters that if required will be with us during the event.

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