Colors Design



Color is light and light is color, both play an important role through our perceptions with our emotions, both of which are important to our psychic and physical well-being.


To Know the world of colors to know how to choose them in interior design, fashion, communication, products, and food is paramount. Our course offers an initial training experience with dedicated workshops for a first important understanding of the complex color system.

color food

Below is an example of a weekly program of "Educational Experience" on the "Colors Design"


Day Hour  City


Sunday 17.30 Milan Hotel Milano City center Welcome
Duomo visit


10.00-13.00  Milan  PoliDesign Course with teacher and
D&T interpreter (workshop).


15.00-18.00   Milan  Polidesign Course with teacher and
D&T interpreter (workshop).
19.00 Milan Eataly Group dinner
Tuesday 10.00- 13.00
Milano B&B Factory tour with the D&T
interpreter and reference.
15.00 18.00 Milano Milan Studio VIP Visit to VIP studio with D&T
interpreter and reference
19.00 Milano   Group dinner
Wednesday 10.00 13.00 Milan Molteni Factory tour with the D&T
interpreter and reference.
15.00 Milan  Show room Visit Studio-showrooms visit
Non-accommpanied dinner
Thursday 10.00 13.00 Milan PoliDesign Course with D&T teacher and interpreter (in classroom)
15.00 18.00 Milan PoliDesign Course with D & T teacher and interpreter (in classroom)
End of course and delivery of diplomas
Friday 09.00 23.00

Venice Murano

  Visit to Venice and Murano
with D & T interpreter
Saturday   Venice   Return from Venice
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