Typical and with a cosmopolitan past, Sicily is a land full of inspirations. Beautiful landscapes are bearers of centuries of history, tradition and modernity: a journey through time to discover the past and good food.

Western Sicily valleys are rich in traditions since ancient times. Events in the family, celebrations and parties during the year were accompanied by customs from deep and symbolic contents. Nowadays many of these uses have been lost or have lost their deeper and original meaning. The preservation of the uses, customs, cultural heritage and even more of the Sicilian language are a bulwark of this people.


Every element here is the expression of a unique terroir, a particular balance of related factors “man, nature, climate”: an extraordinary variety declined in each period of the year.

The adaptability of Sicilian land, in fact,  has always allowed large productions, both from a quantitative point of view and from a qualitative point of view. Deliberately contained production, from manual harvest to the use of modern technologies, they are at the origin of the products that have made the history of Sicilian wine and food.

Marrano area is a plot of average high hills surrounded by evocative paintings such as the silver of olive trees, the green of vineyards geometry, the gold of the wheat fields, the historic Castle of Calatubo. From this rich land and nestled by the sea nearby, not only local wines such as Grillo variety were born, but are also cow’s milk cheeses are produced, and again the intense taste of olive oil is unmistakable. Here there really is everything, the mountains, the sea, the hills: at Casale Dolce Vista you can enjoy delicious typical products that come here alone. So the great and typical regional specialties recipes are reinterpreted, wholesome dishes that return all the flavor of an area that offers so much to its guests, while respecting the beauty of nature all around.


Here, life has always been marked by the sea and the countryside, farmers and fishermen are the true “soul” of this land. The Casale’s cousine translates in its dishes all the good things there are in this beautiful valley.

Tourists and food lovers can taste the typical dishes of the ancient tradition. The territory of Casale is a land full of unique flavors, the result of historic agricultural and maritime culture.

The Sicilian cuisine cannot disregard the marine products but Sicily was for centuries the granary of the Roman Empire, it is also the land of vineyards and olive trees,  here is where tasty native honeys are born, and even cheese and meat from local livestock: a production that start from the choice of the animals, strictly Italian, followed throughout their growth and fed in a controlled manner.

In the world of pleasure and culinary traditions are not forgotten and now the pride to revive the old recipes are back alongside the most modern solutions in line with the tastes of the discerning palates require today.








Il Casale Dolce Vista is born in the hills of Marrano area, a few kilometers from the sea, in the territory of Alcamo. Just these territories, among the oldest in Europe, represented a crossroads for the Mediterranean; charming beauties express the Sicilian spirit, value and significance of the mediterranean culture.

Summer at Casale is surrounded by the charm of the hills, the crystal clear days, brisk air, the expanses of wheat fields, the vineyards, the fiery sunsets over sea, by the magic of starry night. Sit down to the meat becomes a real journey through flavors, smells and colors belonging to different cultures and ways of life; a taste that is truly unique.

Hence pass the sirocco and the light Mediterranean breezes, a special rural with a viewpoint from which the look can get down to the blue sea.

Tempting, balanced and healthy dishes are the result of an ethical approach based on the preservation of our environment. Road of quality is a long and complex path that starts from the procurement of raw materials to Km 0, then tested and certified. Il Casale was founded by the direct contact with nature and the producers; knowing the origin of products is fundamental to serve top meals in taste, nutritional and organoleptic terms.

Sustainability means respect and protection of the environment at every stage of production: Casale crops do not require the use of pesticides, they are strictly GMO free and organic. Recycling, energy recovery and sustainable transport are the values that distinguish the way of living here. Il Casale is born from a project of bio-architecture, a building that perfectly fits into the natural environment, in compliance with preservation of resources and biodiversity of the place.

To ensure balanced and tasty dishes, the tradition blends innovation with craftsmanship, it is here that new recipes come to life, as result of experimentation and constant search for new frontiers of taste.


The gastronomic journey in the lands of the Casale is an essential part of the rediscovery of the culture and traditions.

To taste typical products and wines of a place and capture its essence it is essential to get in touch with who knows that heritage, told through a unique sensory experience; dishes and words carry a story of values, quality, professionalism, friendliness and uniqueness.

The real story of the regional food passes from the locally produced products DOP or IGP and a wines (DOCG, DOC and IGT).

At Casale you can rediscover the beauty of the simple life thanks to a dining experience that does not neglect great little luxuries like a meal made with only genuine products of the territory, large green spaces to relax, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Tastes and smells of authenticity, in a small oasis where you can enjoy the calm of the countryside and the pleasure of eating healthy and natural.


We will follow every detail, the preparation and the development of your event, allowing so to entertain your guests with confidence, sure of the success of your company events.

The Casale ecomuseum is the right setting for corporate events, meetings, conventions. Completely at your disposal, we will follow every detail, the preparation and the development of your event, allowing so to entertain your guests with confidence, sure of the success of your company events.


Our team will every desire, taking care of you in every need and every aspect of your special day.

Il Casale offers a beautiful room to make your wedding special and exclusive, beyond that a large area surrounded by greenery.

A magical ceremony wrapped in a warm atmosphere and great charm, typical of places marked by a history, tradition and strong culture.

Our team will every desire, taking care of you in every need and every aspect of your special day.



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