Il Fermento

Initially pubs in Rome were in British or Irish style, with industrial brand of draft beer coming from the UK or Ireland.

Then the first craft beers were born and pubs turned into real places to eat gourmet and drink even better.

We will discover four local pubs, loved by Roman people, in which you will taste Italian craft beer and you will enjoy walking in the maze of streets of Trastevere district passing between churches, squares and historic buildings.

After enjoying the first two beers we will cross the river Tiber and passing through the Jewish district, we will head to the discovery of Ponte and Parione districts, Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona.

After having meet in Piazza Trilussa we will stop to have a drink in a pub defined by local guides as the indisputable landmark of the craft beer in Rome. After the appetizer and a short walk, we will stop to eat some slice of pizza in a fantastic restaurant with 36 draft beers and pizza baked in a wood oven.

After that, beyond the Tiber, a snack in one of the most busy and loved breweries of Rome with a high quality menu. Finally, we say goodbye in a pleasant bistrot behind Piazza Navona where we will taste another local snack and we will drink the last craft beer (strictly Italian).

fermento 3


Areas: Trastevere, Historical centre, Jewish Ghetto 
Duration: 4 hours
Start tour: Piazza Trilussa 
End Tour: Piazza Navona 
Tasting included in the price. The tour is in Italian, but we have a pool of interpreters that if required will be with us during the event.

Discovery Trastevere e the city center Food Tasting:  

4 draft beers , slice of pizza , 2 snack

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