ombra san pietro copertina

In the shadow of st. Peter

A gastronomic walk in the Prati district and its historic market.


Meeting at Cipro underground station for a visit to a Roman district off the traditional touristic routes.

We begin our journey exploring the Trionfale market, considered the first Roman market and one of the largest in Italy with its 273 stalls.

After walking through the stands, we will proceed to the big shopping streets of Prati district, built so that none has the view, on the background, of St. Peter dome, to demonstrate the strained relations between the Italian State and the Papal States during that period.

Here you walk along the axis that runs from Piazza Risorgimento to the river Tiber where is located Piazza Cola di Rienzo, a nice square where in the Twenties, it was filled with large fashion stores, culinary refinement and coffee shop.

The tour will end at the metro Lepanto.

Nearby via Cipro we will stop for breakfast in an historic pastry and before entering at Trionfale market we will stop by a local bakery to taste some specialties. At the end, we will stop to taste some historic roman street food specialties and we will enjoy other local products in a cozy bistrot. While walking to Piazza Cola di Rienzo, we will stop for a coffee into an historic roasting born in 1930, then we' ll finish with an excellent homemade gelato (don't call it Ice Cream !) made with seasonal products.



  • District: Prati 
  • Duration: about 4 hours 
  • Tour start: Underground Cipro station  
  • Tour end: Underground Lepanto station 
  • Tasting included in the price. 
  • The tour is in Italian, but we have a pool of interpreters that if required will be with us during the event.
  • Discovering Prati and his old market 
  • Food Tasting 
  • Cappuccino and a croissant 
  • Bakery specialities 
  • Historic roman street food with a glass of beer 
  • Course with a glass of wine 
  • Coffee 
  • Gelato, ice cream
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