Street food and much more...

Suburra district and authentic Rome Food Tasting: Monti and Esquilino districts

We will start our amazing tour from the largest square in Rome, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, known as Piazza Vittorio.

Beating heart of multiethnic Rome, in its large garden, the daily market was located, famous for its low prices and folklore.

Nowadays, the market has been moved into the old milk plant without losing affordable prices and its folklore, but it has been enriched with ethnic products.

Our tour will stop inside the market to discover local products, listening to the screams of vendors and the aromas of their products. Walking through Via dello Statuto, we will enter in Monti district, which comprises an area of intense urbanization (Viminale, Quirinale etc), from the Fori Imperiali archaeological park to the more popular Suburra district.

Here in Suburra we will spend most of our time, walking across alleys, artisan shops, gourmet restaurants; glimpses of an old district that has not lost its popular identity, allowing us to grasp secrets and curiosities about Italian cuisine and local gastronomic products, off the beaten paths...

We start our journey in Piazza Vittorio with a cappuccino and a "cornetto" (croissant), then a typical dessert of the Roman tradition. We will arrive in Monti district tasting a traditional Italian recipe in a street food format combined with a soft drink. Finally a sandwich ("panino") with typical Roman bread and a centrifuged fruit.

Then we will stop in a cozy bistrot to taste a plate of local ham and cheese, accompanied by a glass ofwine and we will finish with a fantastic Italian gelato (don't call it ice cream !) and coffee.



Duration: about 4 hours

Tour start: Piazza Vittorio underground station

Tour end: Colosseo underground station

Tasting included in the price

The tour is in Italian, but we have a pool of interpreters that if required will be with us during the  event.


Monti and Esquilino districts

Local Market 

Suburra district and authentic Rome Food Tasting: 

Cappuccino e Cornetto,  Typical dessert of the Roman tradition 

Street food with a soft drink : Sandwich ("panino") with a centrifuged fruit 

A plate of local ham and cheese, with a glass of wine, 

Italian gelato (ice cream) , Coffee


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