vacanze romane

Vacanze Romane

Discovering ancient and jewish Rome: Ghetto , Campo dei Fiori , Piazza Navona , Pantheon .

Meeting point in Largo Torre Argentina, the focal point of the historic center of Rome, then we will head into the jewish ghetto, among the oldest jewish district in the world, where we will walk across the alleys in which the fish market was located.

After completing the tour of the Jewish district, we will continue to the historic streets of Ponte and Campo de Fiori, where one of the historic and picturesque Roman markets used to operate and today center of the Roman nightlife.

Crossing Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the road created as a quick link between the historical city center and the new middle-class neighborhoods, built along the Tiber, we will head to Piazza Navona through the alleys of the Parione district.

After a stop in a local "pasticceria" (pastry shop), we will continue to the Pantheon and its historic restaurants. The tour will end in Largo Torre Argentina.

In the area of the jewish district we will have a nice "colazione" (do not call it breakfast) with a cappuccino and a "cornetto" and you will taste some sweet jewish specialties in an ancient shop.

We will continue, in Ponte district, with two typical Roman street food (with drinks), then we will rest near Piazza Navona in an elegant and cozy bistrot with a course with a glass of wine.

Finally, near the Pantheon, we will have an iced coffee in an old roasting.

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Duration: about 4 hours 
Tour start: Largo di Torre Argentina 
Tour end: Largo di Torre Argentina 
Tasting included in the price The tour is in Italian, but we have a pool of interpreters that if required will be with us during the event.

Food Tasting:  Cappuccino and a croissant,  Sweet jewish specialties,  two typical Roman street food (with drinks),  A course with a glass of wine , Iced coffee in an old roasting

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