From Pompeii to Paestum: Greece vs Roma

"Where everyday life is still marked by the rising of the sun and by nightfall, where aspects of ancient history, customs, customs and ancient traditions still live in look and thought of his outspoken people"

The "experiences" we propose will be a real dive into the authenticity of Naples and and nearby place and territory, like "Costiera Amalfitana"  , "peii" and "Paestum" ,so close to Naples but at the same time far away from the Neapolitan metropolis and Chaos.


Download the complete program in .pdf format here Naples and Campania Tour 


From the pristine sea to the green hill, to the karstic caves, to the Greek and Roman temples, to the oldest art of the production of "white gold" or buffalo mozzarella or learning how to cook a typical neapolitan "pizza", everything will make your stay something unique and authentic. 

In these places, the american medical epidemiologist and physiologist Ancel Keys lived for some years, who in the seventies theorized the famous Mediterranean diet, taking inspiration from the Cilento's eating habits.



dipinto greco 1
il tuffatore
strada greca
agriturimso 2
stanza 2
grotte di castelcivita

Hospitality in a typical farmhouse

The Farm "Quaglia" is our base camp and residence where our host will be hosted.

From the small and typical village of "Roccadaspide" you can  visit the old greek ruins o "Paestum" and explore the real  "Cilento" region experienses full of history and amazing landscape , rivers , seaside and cave.

The farm has  its small productions of  extra virgin olive oil production  and wine; in addition to these, guests can also taste cheese, salami, olive oil and pickles.

Our guest can partecipate to the grape harvest that takes place in the second half of September, while that of the olives in the months of November and December; who wants to can come and attend and participate in the collection and processing of the grapes made in our cellar according to the ancient traditions of the Cilento.
Just walk a few meters out from the farm to reach the barn and play with all the animals on the farm .
In the barn, the goats that for the farmhouse guests can milk along with Sinforosa Lady, at the bottom of the lawn, instead, running wild and curious rabbits.
The farmer plows his land, cultivate it, waters it day after day, waiting for the fruits of his labor which then collects; It makes preserves for the winter, they use the seeds to germinate even fruit.
Visiting the Farm Quail can see and experience for yourself all the time and all the emotions that always accompany farming activities in the Cilento.

Real and unique food and drink experiences

If you want to taste , smell and feel centuries of culture and tradition , you cannot miss this unique opportunity .

Our experiences program  can taylored for the need of our customer dependino on time and level of luxury. 

This is an example of  what can type of experience we offer:

 Historycal experience 

A guided tour in Paestum includes the monuments within the fence of the excavations, the Museum, which houses the famous Tomb of the Diver and around the walls.
The entrances to the excavations are three: the main one is along the old road, in front of the Temple of Neptune, the second from the ancient Gate of Justice in the southern side of the walls and the third is near the Museum; If you then add the tours to the Tower of Paestum and the Temple of Hera,

the visit takes approx a whole day.

temple   affresco

Food and drink  experience

Winery farm tour: we  will visit  a wine factory , to taste the local typical wine  and enjoy a light lunch with a wine expert who will be at your disposal for demonstration and opestions. The wine tasting among a wide range of wines takes place both in the vineyards and inside the cottage, right in combination with typical dishes of the  natural and at km 0.


Buffalo mozzarella organic Farm tour: the tour includes seeing the buffalo , the milking and the cheese production as well as leather shop and museum of farm tools.The experience finish with a  tasting of the fresh buffalo Mozarella . You can also taste gelato, coffee and to buy products. 

mozzarella   wine

 Nature discover experience: Castelcivita Cave

The Cave at Castelcivita is a hidden treasure buried deep in the Italian mountains. A rare experience that will take your breath away, especially if you appreciate natural beauty. Amazing stalagmites and stalactites that have taken centuries to develop are still forming right in front of your eyes, drop by drop. The lighting is excellent 

grotte    grotte 2



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