Sicily: Back to the Origin

Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that you can find the key to everything.
The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding blend of the colors,The harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth ... those who have seen them only once will have them throughout their lives.

Sicily is the cradle of an ancient history wich originated in the centuries Anti Christ, thanks to the domination of Greeks, great speakers and carriers of a culture of art and traditions that still manage to fascinate and amaze.
The signs of their passage are still visible, in temples, in theaters and in some customs and traditions that time has failed to erase. The Greek period of Sicily dates back to 756 a. C. during the foundation of the first colony: Zancle.

The following years are a succession of colonization that will determine the history of Sicily, art, culture and language. Segesta, Siracusa, Selinunte, Agrigento are some of the cities where it is still possible to admire the greatness of the ancient Greek civilization in Italy: the "Magna Grecia".

Here in Sicily has been made an extraordinary archaeological finding: the oldest wine in the world! The proof of this are the chemical residues remaining on a jar found in a cave of Mount Kronio and dating back to the beginning of the 4th millennium BC: the terracotta, unmalted, has kept traces of tartaric acid and its sodium salt, substances found naturally in grape berries and in the winemaking process.

The sea on the one hand, the gentle hills and the mountains on the other make a perfect base for excursions of all kinds, from the naturalistic (Zingaro reserve, Nebrodi park, Etna volcano reserve etc.), to historic and artistical (Greek, Arab, Normann, Spanish art and architecture), to the food and wine routes all over the island

All of our tourist proposals are "Experiences", the tourist is not a passive spectator for us but is welcomed, thanks in particular to the warmth, passion and genuineness of the Sicilians, as if he were a Sicilian resident: a "temporary" citizen.

For the enthusiasts of bread, pasta and flour products we will discover and enjoy flour products derived from the cultivation and rediscovery of ancient grains (52 of the more than 100 present at one time), fruit of experiments and evolutionary crossings with seeds coming from Syria and Mesopotamia, where everything started!

We will continue with the discovery of the cow Cinisara, one of the two Sicilian native breeds (with Modicana), an animal of exceptional meat and milk due to its life on the slopes of the area's slopes. The resulting cheeses are also unique and safeguarded in maintaining traditional production processes.

Wine and oil are another two product principles that in Sicilia are also expression of a territory with a unique biodiversity. Companies in the area will welcome you and offer you an unforgettable experience of flavors and fragrances in centuries-old structures that delineate history and traditions. All this will bring you into a totally immersive experience beyond time.

In addition, our "temporary citizens" will be educated not only to traditional knowledge and culture but above all to "know how to do" through direct experience of the production or creative process, such as modeling a Sicilian pottery vessel through the traditional technique of parallel lathe.

Our partners (travel agency and local tourist operator) have been carefully selected for their  respect for traditions, high quality standards, and above all for the attention and willingness of a Chinese Guest to be attended, with local Chinese mother tongue accompanist.

Local tour operators  will guarantee high quality standards for transfers to and from Palermo, Catania or Trapani Airport, as well as various accommodation options.

Piazza Ciullo
piazza municipio

A unique and extraordinary journey in the tradition and the millenarian history of the island through the narrative of the protagonists of the territory and the direct participation in the production process of typical and traditional realities (food, crafts, design).


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