Feudi Imperiali


Passito I.g.T. Terre Siciliane

Uvaggio Moscato di Sicilia
Colore bright gold with light refelctions
Bouquet intense and harmonius with hints of apricot
Sapore harmoniuos, full and smooth with his hints of honey
Vinificazione & Affinamento stainless steel for 15-20 days , refining in 90 day and bottle refining 2 months
Servire a 14° C
Bottiglia 500 ml
Grado alcolico 14° Vol.
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Alcamo (TP)


Alcamo is a city of narrow streets, testament to the Arabic influence in Sicily.
It has numerous churches and convents of great beauty.  The long white sandy beach stretches for 6km along the gulf of Castellammare.  

Olive trees and vineyards, the historic farmhouses and mansions, along with the natural reserve of Mount Bonifato gives you a breathtaking view overlooking the sea.  The traditional homemade pasta (busiate) with sardines and toasted bread crumbs is delicious.


ideal with all ranges of confectionery. it suggests the service at 9° C in combination with fruit and ice cream



Sicily is located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and enjoys of a great temperate microclimate thanks to its hot summers and mild winters. It’s a land where warm winds coming from the South of continental Africa get into the hinterland and encourage the growth of a flourishing Mediterranean maquis.

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