rosso dl bacino

Tenuta Vandelli

Rosso del bacino

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro D.O.P.

Uvaggio Lambrusco of Castelvetro Grasparossa 100%
Anno 2014
Colore purple calyx, quite transparent, with a light foam purple
Bouquet They are notes of clean wine, fresh fruit, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries
Sapore A sweet smell, round in the mouth, where we can find also a slight green note in the aftertaste, typical of the vine
Vinificazione & Affinamento Direct Destemmer-crushing further to manual harvesting, pressing and juicing the grapes with a yield of about 70% and addition of selected yeasts. Fermentation and refermenation in stainless . Process: metodo Martinotti - Charmant (tank-fermentation)
Servire a 14-16 ° C
Bottiglia 750 ml, 1500 ml
Grado alcolico 11% Vol
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Sassuolo (Modena)
Emilia Romagna

The town, situated about 16 km south-west of Modena, is one of the main industrial centers of Emilia-Romagna, the capital of the Union of Municipalities of the Ceramic District, which is part of, with other Fiorano Modenese, Formigine, Maranello, Frassinoro, Montefiorino, Palagano and Prignano sulla Secchia.
This complex has ancient origins and has been booming since the war, extending along the Secchia valley and also behaving a certain natural instability of the area


 balanced and full, thanks to the necessary fresh shoulder is ideal for the coulping of tradition, charcuterie, cotechino and stuffed pig’s trotter in primis.

rosso etichetta

But where are now the people of Sassuolo who brew the nectar of the gods, for there the brightest days above its villas roll, there heaven yields all its grace and balmy air ? That land of love and ardent glory sole, mother of that which charms us every where, two hundred horse, a thousand foot were drawn, from pleasant town and flower empurpled lawn.
(A. Tassoni, The stolen bucket, III, 47. - a.D. 1622)

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